IT to get Rs 600 crore more in UID projectPosted by Prabhash

NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister's prime projec, the Unique ID rollout, is likely to be allocated almost Rs 1,300 crore for distribution among states under its current budgetary provision.

But information technology, which will form a key component of the Unique ID project, is likely to get an allocation of Rs 500-600 crore, over and above the current budgetary allocation to Unique ID Authority of India, sources close to the development told ET.

he total budgetary provision for UIDAI is Rs 1,900 crore under the Union Budget for this year. However, a detailed titlewise allocation of the Rs 1,900 crore shows 'information technology' to be allotted Rs 130 crore under the planned allocation.

"We plan to go about technology rollout in a phased manner. The technology behind UID project will include new data centres, and also cloud computing technologies. We plan to concentrate on the technology. Right processes will automatically follow," an official involved in the rollout said. The UIDAI may get more allocation as it rolls out more IT tenders.

The UIDAI has also invited the open source and global developer community to participate in the project. Currently the Authority is seeking client software developed for any of the operating systems in Java, C++ or C# (pronounced C sharp).

It is seeking specific modules that can be integrated with the client software through well-defined application programming interfaces (APIs). UIDAI will release the API and system design for developers shortly.

Ernst and Young has been appointed as a consultant for advising on how to set up the Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) and selection of Managed Service Provider (MSP).

The recent IT tender for application software development and maintenance and support services agency (ASDMSA) received a whopping 19 bids.

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IT to get Rs 600 crore more in UID project


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